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14 February 2012 @ 05:13 pm
Fic: My Husband Attend!  
Title : My Husband Attend!

Author : ariadnechan

Betas : inu_spockya and mtnhi32

Series : TOS or Aos AU (it can be read as both universes)

Pairing : K/S established

Characters : Captain Pike, Number One, T’Pau, Scotty.

Rating : Pg-13

Length : 1439

Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Gene Rodenberry Star Trek( Because Paramount win me over)

Warnings: Surak was banned in this universe, Emotional Vulcans, so Spock OOC. Jim is an empath and has other manipulative abilities. Other implied uses for chocolate and maybe some indications of intimacy between husbands. No real chocolate was harmed in this fictional piece.

Summary: The Dream of Archer is to found the federation of planets. T’Pau has agreed and other planets too, to sign the treaty. The Matriarch went accompanied by the new ambassadors of Vulcan for the Federation, her grandsons Spock and his husband Kirk of the house of Solkar, to attend travelling in the Enterprise on the day of St. Valentine’s day of Terra.

Notes : This fic is set 2 years after the events of “Solstice of the Young” But it could be read as a standalone. This can also be read without knowing anything about Dune of Frank Herbert, because the crossover doesn’t make a proper appearance in this fic.

Link :

My Spock, did you know that during our stay on the Enterprise we will be in the middle of a Terran celebration?
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